With more than 90 percent brand recognition and awareness, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program remains a benchmark in energy efficiency across the country. However, the program has had some unsettling times as of late, most notably with the reduction of its budget.

It is important to note, in our industry specifically, that consumers are still demanding products that are Energy Star certified for their markets. But while Energy Star has done a great job driving awareness, so has our industry.

Within the window and door industry, our continual, large-scale marketing efforts – including product labeling, literature, on-line consumer education, and making Energy Star an integral part of our sales presentations with homeowners – have helped tremendously with building awareness for the Energy Star Windows Program. At the same time, I believe that program continues to push our industry toward newer, more innovative products and options that are more energy efficient than those offered in prior years. Because Energy Star is the driving force behind many of the efficiency upgrades in windows and doors, I am convinced it will continue to be a valuable and relevant program.

Obviously, there will be changes with Energy Star. There will be budget changes, program updates and more than likely changes to energy efficiency criteria over the next year. Some of those changes will be for the worse, while others will be for the better.

The bottom line is: Energy Star is a sound program that has unbelievable brand recognition.  The program will continue to evolve and I expect it to continue as the strong brand that it is going forward.

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