Wisconsin based Tundraland Home Improvements, a company that specializes in replacement windows and decks, has set a Guinness World Record. They recently received the title for the largest display of painted windows due to an annual fundraiser.

Photo credit: Tundraland

Every year, Tundraland hosts Windows for a Cause. Windows for a Cause began in 2016 after an initiative to reduce landfill waste. Instead of trashing the old windows Tundraland replaces, they collect them and bring the whole community together to turn the windows into works of art. The windows are then auctioned off. This brings the whole community together to raise money for a charitable donation. This year’s recipient was Make-A-Wish Wisconsin.

A Guinness World Records adjudicator confirmed that 1,651 had been painted and put on display. Tundraland is now an official Guinness World Records title holder thanks to the hundreds of community members that came out to support their event. The record to break was 1,500 windows.

“Thank you to the community for an unbelievable show of support!” president and owner of Tundraland Brian Gottlieb stated. “We had two-year-old kids painting, we had grandparents painting! It was great to see the community come out to help make setting a Guinness World Records title a reality.”

Photos are from a Tundraland press release.


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