The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) began yesterday in Atlanta, Ga, and door and window suppliers are in attendance to showcase their wood product offerings to attendees. IWF is one of the top woodworking trade shows geared toward architectural woodwork, custom and general woodworking and furniture manufacturing.

This bi-annual event grows every year, and reported 27,260 total attendees in 2016. 2018 is no exception. David Harris, product manager, American Renolit, is exhibiting at the event, and says the show is larger than past years. In fact, IWF had to move into bigger halls to accommodate all the exhibitors. This year the show boasts over 1,000 exhibitors.

Photo credit: IWF

A main focus of the show is the machinery exhibits. Every two years, companies roll out their latest in the woodworking industry. This gives both attendees and exhibitors alike, who all come to see the latest in woodworking technology, a chance to meet, learn, and network. Exhibitors, like Harris, rely on these opportunities to expand their network of clients and customers.

“I had a few current customers come visit us on the first day,” he said. “One is getting ready to come on as a contract laminator.”

He expects to talk to other potential and current customers looking to utilize the company’s films that can be used with door and window products.

Northwest Hardwoods is also in attendance at the show, and plans on using it as an opportunity to launch a new campaign. They have used the unity to their two brands — Northwest Hardwoods and the Industrial Timber and Lumber Company – to create the campaign, Lumber Brings Everything to Life. The campaign will “illustrate the importance, sustainability and natural beauty that lumber holds in each of our daily lives.” The new campaign features a customer-focused website as well as multiple social media platforms.

AkzoNobel is also using IWF to launch a new product. They are debuting PurTone Stain System, which will develop natural wood tones from a convenient spray-stain.

“This stain system is the next step in our offer to deliver more aesthetically pleasing wood tones with enhanced grain definition for consumers. Paired with our unmatched design and color leadership, the new system gives customers the opportunity to develop beautiful wood colors in a really efficient process,” says Doug Gilliam, commercial director for the North American Wood Coatings business.

AkzoNobel will also host demonstrations and a networking party

IWF will run through Saturday, August 25.

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