I am going to date myself, but I have been in this industry for almost 30 years. I have been through a couple of “tax credit” years where growth has been terrific. The challenge with those tax credit years is it most definitely pulled sales ahead. After the tax credit was over, so was the huge spike in business.

The past two years, our industry has been experiencing something very different. We have seen a very steep growth curve that continues to climb. From a U.S. economy standpoint, things are humming along. People are paying cash for their remodeling, they are also getting great finance rates, and at the end of the day, they have the “want” to invest money in their homes — especially new windows.

However, I was reminded by one of my customers that there is going to come a time where things pull back and the growth slows. We will all be figuring out new ways to be innovative again. The stigma of the Great Recession is still with many of us. We have taken advantage of the strong surge in growth but we have not overspent, either.

The exciting thing is we have all transformed how we do business. We all have a vision of what great looks like. We are more efficient, more streamlined and more innovative in our approach. For many years, we had to do more with less. Now, we are all just smarter on how we do business and how we invest our money.

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