The new Endura logo.

Endura Products has unveiled a new logo that the company says embodies its commitment to designing and assembling  door components in the USA. Endura also recently rolled out a redesigned website.

Endura Products says its domestic manufacturing helps it respond quickly to customers and serve them better, as well as supplying jobs for more than 750 workers in the U.S. at plants in North Carolina, Oregon and Texas.

“We’re close to our customers,” says Endura president Bruce Procton in a corporate video. “It’s knowledge. You can’t get that knowledge from 8,000 miles away.”

The website redesign, which debuted a few months ago, provides enhanced functionality and mobile support, with a cleaner, more streamlined designed that helps visitors more quickly identify and access the information and resources they need. The new website also provides a better space for providing information about the company and solutions earlier in the site-viewing process, including more information pertaining to Endura’s new campaign highlighting the benefits of assembling its high-performance door components in the USA.

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