“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar

Think about someone that has had a positive impact on you. Think about those you hold most dear. Think about the people you would put on a list, should you ever have to refer others in need.

There are many ways those people could have impacted you, but I would argue that the one trait that all of them have, is trustworthiness.

Personally, we talk of integrity and empathy and courage, etc. Professionally, we speak of hustle and grind, and of service. There is a long list of admirable character traits that are worth emulating in our lives, and in our businesses.

But I think the one that gets overlooked, that should be considered the most important, the one that is woven throughout all those who you believe you can really, truly count on — is trustworthiness.

“A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt in every truth expressed.” – Unknown

Think of someone you’ve worked for.
Think of someone you’ve followed.
Think of someone you’ve admired.
Think of someone you’ve respected.
Think of someone you’ve bought something from.
Think of someone who’s watched your children.
Think of someone who’s fixed your car.
Think of someone who’s fixed a part of your home.
Think of someone that did your taxes.
Think of someone that groomed your dog.
You get the drift…

These people may not be loved ones, or be the closest to you.  They may not be who comes to mind when you think of positive impact upon your life.  They may not be the type of person who causes you to well up when you think of, and miss them.

But, just like those people, they have your trust.  Trust is why you’ve followed or admired them.  Trust is why you’ve done business with them, or had them work to improve your home.

Trust is the glue that holds families, friendships, companies and cultures together.  Any positive relationship that you’ve had is built upon trust.

If there is a vehicle for advancement in the game of life, it is trust.

If there is a vehicle for the advancement and success of your career or your business, it is TRUST.

  • When you build Trust with a prospect, you set more appointments.
  • When you build Trust during an appointment, you close at a higher rate.
  • When you build Trust during a project, you generate more referrals.
  • When you build Trust within your organization, you have a culture of dependability and service.

You will NEVER truly succeed without it.  Trust me.

Ed Kalaher is the president and CEO of Window Depot USA in Canfield, Ohio.

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  1. Great article, Ed!

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