Pradeep Kheruka, vice chairperson at Borosil, Ramaswami Velayudhanpillai, director at Borosil, and Christian Krenn, sales director of LiSEC, signed a contract for a second tempering plant during the recent Intersolar trade show in Munich.

Borosil has been operating an AEROFLAT furnace from LiSEC since 2017. The fast development of the Indian market and the increasing demand for tempered glass encouraged Borosil to make this investment.

Borosil commissioned an AEROFLAT 12/714FT2 tempering furnace designed for tempering 2-mm thin glass. The new furnace should be put in operation at Borosil in March 2019.

“Borosil has once again opted for LiSEC. On the one hand they ensure that processes are the same and they don’t have to gain knowledge to operate a new plant,” says Krenn. “On the other hand, they rely on a supplier and partner who will accompany them long-term and hence confirm that they are satisfied with the so-far delivered products and services”

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