Bystronic glass commissioned and installed a new B’JUMBO insulating glass (IG) line in Auckland, New Zealand. The project is part of an expansion phase at one of Australasia’s glass processors – Metro Performance Glass.

The B’JUMBO IG line from Bystronic glass was the preferred choice for this installation, according to the company, due to its capabilities that provide accuracy and fast output to cope with market demands as they increase.

As product design in the glass market diversifies, the need to invest in greater automation that can easily handle an expanding product range, that includes double glazed units, laminated glass products as well as tempered and heat soaked glass, became essential for the Highbrook-based manufacturers, according to the announcement.

Accommodating glass dimensions from a minimum of 190 mm by 350 mm, and a maximum of 3210 mm by 6000 mm, the B’JUMBO system can produce insulating glass units or commercial units from 12 mm to 80 mm in thickness. Geoff Rasmussen, general operations manager at Metro Performance Glass, needed the install to be as swift as possible with little disruption to the daily running of the factory. With the Auckland factory running five- by ten-hour nightly shifts as well as seven- by 12-hour day shifts, the supply chain to the customers needed to be maintained during the installation.

Technically, the new system had to be connected to the existing automation equipment and needed to run a quick cycle time. Speed was important when making the investment with high-speed sealing an essential requirement to cater for multiple glass types including coated glasses.

Bystronic glass was chosen for the new Greenfields Tasmanian site. The Auckland B’JUMBO investment was slotted into the existing 17,250-square-meter glass processing facility at the company’s head office in Auckland.

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