Ohio-based evoDOMUS Building Supplies, a subsidiary of smart home designer evoDOMUS, has signed a retailing agreement with Unilux, a German manufacturer of energy-efficient windows for new residential and commercial construction.

The agreement makes evoDOMUS the exclusive retailer of Unilux windows in the state of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Every home built by evoDOMUS will use German triple-pane windows made by Unilux, which feature low-emissivity coatings, argon gas filled cavities, and thermally broken window frames.

Unilux provides European style turn-tilt windows, lift+slide doors, folding doors and pocket sliding doors, in wood and vinyl versions, with optional aluminum cladding.   Glass panel sizes up to 100 square feet are possible.

“When you want the very best for your home, Unilux world class windows are an absolute must for any architect, contractor and homeowner looking for these next generation high performance, energy efficient and secure windows that technology makes possible today,” said Alexander Kolbe, co-founder of evoDOMUS.  “We are proud and excited to bring one of the best window systems on the world market to our neighbors.”

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