FeneTech continued its annual FeneVision User Conference on Tuesday in Independence, Ohio.

Socializing is a big part of the FeneVision User Conference.

FeneTech representative Nate Huffman engaged attendees with his opening presentation on glass industry updates. He highlighted new scanning techniques that both window and glass industry employees could use in the near future.

“The line scanner has been around for years, but what makes it a stronger tool is the 16-bit’s ability to see scratches,” Huffman said. The tool’s reaction to light has improved, allowing it to find the slightest scratches on tinted windows and glass.

Meanwhile, the CulletScanner has gotten improvements that center on tempered glass. Not only does its tests view specifications, but the scanner can also pick up on glass stress levels. This means the scanner can use predictive action to view patterns in cracks without having to increase the size of the crack by putting a larger break in it. “Now furnace operators can view and analyze any crack or breakage issue faster, which saves time and money,” Huffman said.

After the opening presentation, participants went to a series of sessions. They were similar to Monday’s classes, which were separated into different tracks. Each session explored a different focus on glass, windows and doors, and FeneVision basics.

Many of Tuesday’s sessions highlighted tracking systems, importing and exporting, rejecting orders and shipping. Making interfaces user-friendly was the common theme, but not all users were happy about the updates and changes. Many company representatives questioned the layout and open flexibility to customize it when other areas like switching a customer’s status to inactive weren’t changed.

“The software updates are difficult to go through in general, but try going through it overseas without a FeneTech representative nearby. It might take a couple of tries but once the issues are addressed FeneTech does its best to fix it, which makes working with an international company easier,” said Martin Veermae, a Pal-Klaas AS representative.

Another focal point centered on mobile tracking. Now companies can use a portable hand scanner to scan, edit and update their orders before they leave their warehouses. With larger option tools and auto updates available, this improvement can make a once time-consuming task much simpler with just a few taps and swipes.

The FeneVision Users Conference concludes Wednesday.

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