Cascadia Windows & Doors recently received Passive House Institute (PHI) certification for its Universal Series of energy-efficient windows. According to the company, this certification verifies that these windows achieve a level of thermal performance that less than one in 1,000 windows meet.

The invention and release of the Universal Series of windows and doors are significant,” said Michael Bousfield, technical director at Cascadia. “We are talking about a commercial-grade fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP)-framed window product. A product that PHI, a German organization, states is the first wholly North American designed and manufactured window product to become Passive House certified.

Cascadia Windows & Doors was founded in 2008 in Langley, British Columbia, by a group of building science and window specialists. The company introduced the Universal Series in 2016.

“The Universal Series of windows and doors offers significant benefits to both designers and owners,” said Mike Battistel, president of Cascadia. “Designers enjoy the extra freedom to achieve energy targets for their buildings while adding more glass in their design to take advantage of better views and natural light. And owners appreciate the superior comfort they can experience anywhere within their interior spaces—plus the long-term performance and value of these products.”

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