The bad weather is finally past us and now the economy is really booming. From meeting with many dealers in different parts of the country, leads and sales are bountiful.  Financing options also seem to be available for anyone who needs them. The real challenge seems to be finding enough labor to get product installed.

I recall when we were in the depths of the Great Recession and all of us kept saying, ‘It doesn’t matter whether the economy is good or bad, there is always going to be some challenge for us to overcome.” This statement is holding true even as we soar to what seems like new weekly economic heights.

The home improvement industry and the building products industry have always been a resourceful group. Great ideas seem to come out of our greatest challenges.  For example, Home Depot is investing in training the trades.

In addition, automation is becoming a key driver in leading innovation.  This can be both a good thing and a challenge as DWM editor Trey Barrineau talked about in one of his blogs back in January. With all the technology, I am seeing even window measuring and installation is being aided by technology.

One thing is for certain. As we continue to go through this upward cycle, we will enjoy it. But we also need to make sure we have learned from the past. The economy is cyclical, and “what goes up, must come down.” With all the things we have learned from the past recession and this fantastic boom, I know we will continue to be stronger, leaner, and more innovative.

Great selling!

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