SageGlass is integrating its dynamic glazing with Amazon Echo, giving users the ability to control the tint of their glass though voice command.

The Echo can be installed in homes or buildings that already have SageGlass, depending on cloud connection capability.

“Voice control in homes is driving the landscape of the internet of things. It allows homeowners to streamline everyday tasks that they never thought would be connected,” says Ryan Park, global head of product management at SageGlass. “It was a natural progression to get into the commercial space to make use of connectivity to streamline tasks and efficiencies. Market forces are making manufacturers think about the connectivity of their products.”

Parks says that a major benefit of using the Echo is that people don’t have to download another app onto their phones.

“We can tie these functions into the building management components, offering greater connectivity. It’s convenient for occupants and facility managers,” he says.

According to Park, there are opportunities for Sage to integrate its Echo functions within the healthcare space.

“For staff, it’s more efficient and sanitary than flipping a switch,” he says. “For patients, it can empower them to have control over the amount of daylight coming into their room. Daylight can improve the recovery process and offer other health benefits.”

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  1. I think sage should focus on productivity improvements to drive the price down 50 percent so it is somewhat affordable instead of gimmicks like this.

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