For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed courtroom dramas. I remember watching Perry Mason as a kid with my dad. I always loved when an attorney would object.

One specific objection always intrigued me and forms the basis for our final visit on the topic of business blogging. When one attorney objected by saying ” …asked and answered, your honor,” they were, in essence, inferring that the opposing council was not only asking the witness a question but also answering it for them, supposedly to make sure they got the answer they wanted.

Without a doubt, the most daunting thing that home improvement dealers considering a business blog face is that idea of what to blog about.

To really dig into this, think about how you make a substantial purchase today. A statistic that I’ve repeated ad infinitum (and maybe even ad nauseam) says that 60 percent of a buyer’s research is done before they’ll reach out to a salesperson.

We research the product, we talk to people who have bought it, we look at reviews, we check out options on how/where to acquire the product. In other words, we educate ourselves.

Most education starts with something very simple — asking questions. This is often where a new business blogger stumbles.

As we discussed last visit, no one knows more about the questions that your potential customers ask than you and your team. Just like sales objections, there are some standard topical questions that are part of a natural purchase education process. I’ve listed these below with a potential blog post title.

  • How much a product/service costs—“What Should I Expect to Spend for a Replacement Window?”
  • Problems or issues with a product or a service—“What’s the Number One Issue with Replacement Windows?”
  • Product comparisons—You obviously have to be careful here to not be self-serving. Rather than talk specifics about competitor comparisons, I like to talk about differences in processes. “Is Energy Efficient Glass Necessary in an Entry Door?”
  • Reviews—“What Do Homeowners Say are the Top Reasons to Own a ______ Entry Door?”
  • The best of … —“ Who Makes the Best Replacement Windows?”

Then, just like the attorney that had his line of questioning objected to, you get to “answer” the questions the way you’d like them to be answered within the body of your blog post. (A word of caution here. Don’t sell, educate, but do so in a way that highlights the positives of what your product has to offer.)

I’m sure you thought of even more while you were reading through those. But what happens when you’ve run through all these? What do you blog about then?

  • Poll your people—Talk to everyone within your organization who deals with customers. You’ll unearth tons of questions that you might not normally think about.
  • Variety is the spice of life—Just because you write one post about the “cost of replacement windows” doesn’t mean you can’t write more. Plus, the more fresh, relevant content that you have on a topic increases your perception of authority in the eyes of the search engines. Think about variations like this:
    • “How to Decide Whether You are Paying Too Much for your Replacement Window (or Not Enough)”
    • “The Top Five Things that Will Determine the Cost of your New Windows”
    • Here’s a Free Checklist to Help You Calculate the Cost of New Windows for your Home”
  • Cheat—There are tons of blog post idea generators online. You can put in keywords and they’ll actually suggest titles that can get your creative juices flowing.
  • Get unlimited help—One of the great things that Google does is help you figure out what types of things people are searching for. Start typing a search, and Google will give you similar things that people are searching for. (Hint: These are powerful because they indicate a higher number of searches, hence, potentially more traffic.) Go to Google and type “best replacement windows” and look about halfway down the page. You’ll also see a block that says, “People also ask.” This is a gold mine.

While business is the quickest way to get a content marketing program started for your door and window business, there are many other ways to take advantage of the power of content.

We’ll talk about some of those next time.

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