The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) released a statement saying it supports the Aluminum Association’s position that the Trump administration must not impose quotas on imported primary aluminum products.

The AEC claims that, considering the disruption of the supply chain because of recent Russian sanctions, any additional restraint of imported aluminum into the U.S. aluminum supply chain will lead to work stoppages at extrusion plants. According to the organization, as a result, extrusion buyers will be forced to source parts from foreign suppliers, namely China, as an alternative source to maintain production.

AEC leadership believes that China is a threat to the domestic industry, which it made clear during the 232 investigation.

“We are sure that President Trump does not want to lose the valuable jobs, innovation and investment to the Chinese,” reads the statement. “In the meantime, continued negative speculation about the U.S. aluminum supply will further increase aluminum prices and U.S. premiums, which will make aluminum extrusions and parts even less competitive against foreign suppliers. This is exactly what we made clear to the administration during the 232 Investigation.  It had been our hope and ambition that the investigation would lead to solutions that would deal with the Chinese threat. Instead, the U.S. aluminum industry finds itself more vulnerable to China than ever.”

The AEC is calling on the administration to empower the domestic aluminum industry by ensuring its access to the raw materials it needs to support a vibrant and growing supply chain in the manufacturing base.

“Therefore, the [U.S.] Department of Commerce must not jeopardize these American jobs by further restraining access to primary aluminum by imposing quotas,” reads the statement.

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