MFM Building Products’ Peel & Seal is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its launch this year.

Peel & Seal was first introduced by MFM in 1988 as a self-stick, roll roofing waterproofing membrane for low-slope roofing and general flashing applications. The product received several U.S. Patents for its composition of laminated aluminum foil, high-density polymer films and a layer of rubberized asphalt adhesive.

According to the company, the product adheres directly to the substrate and is self-sealing around fasteners to create a watertight bond. It provides a durable, maintenance-free roofing surface without the use of coatings or coverings. The aluminum surface reflects heat, keeping internal temperatures cooler and lowering utility costs.

The product can be used for whole roof coverings, flashing around exterior protrusions and skylights, as well as any hard-to-waterproof architectural detail.

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