SolarWindow Technologies Inc., a developer of transparent liquid coatings that turn ordinary glass into electricity-generating windows, has appointed Harmel S. Rayat, company founder and longtime majority stockholder, as chair of its board of directors.

Rayat’s appointment follows a series of SolarWindow announcements regarding the company’s push to commercial production.

Last week, SolarWindow announced a 34-percent power performance increase for its transparent electricity-generating glass. Before that, a collaboration was announced with Taiwan-based Raynergy Tek in pursuit of high-volume production and enhanced transparency of SolarWindow products.

SolarWindow also disclosed that it has entered into a process integration and production agreement with Los Angeles-based Triview Glass Industries LLC. Initially working to establish manufacturing processes and a production line through this agreement, SolarWindow and Triview plan to fabricate specific SolarWindow electricity-generating glass products at commercial scale.

“Mr. Rayat has repeatedly provided SolarWindow with much-needed financial backing,”  said John Conklin, president and CEO of SolarWindow Technologies,Inc. ” His support is testament to his unwavering faith in our management team and all we are doing to bring his first-ever idea to commercial production. We’re excited to have Mr. Rayat join our board as chair. He’s a highly respected and successful investor-entrepreneurwho has been with us from inception.”

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