DMSi Software has been honored for its contributions to the School of Business at University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

The software company has built close ties with the School’s Department of Supply Chain Management and Analytics. Team members have presented to classes and been guests on panel discussions to explore real-world applications of supply chain management principles.

DMSi has built especially close ties with the department’s student organization, the Nebraska Supply Chain Club (NSCC). Most recently, the company arranged for club members to tour a customer’s facility, so students could see class theories put into practice. DMSi has developed internships for students, and several alumnae of the program have gone on to become DMSi employees.

In addition to classroom activities, DMSi contributed funds to the construction of Howard L. Hawks Hall, a new, 240,000-square-foot, privately-funded building for the College of Business. An honorary plaque has been placed by the entrance to the Department of Supply Chain Management wing in recognition of DMSi’s support towards the new building and ongoing relationship with the NSCC.

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