In mid-December 2017, Ontario announced a initiative to give thousands of dollars in rebates to homeowners who replace old windows with new energy-efficient products. Since then, there have been several important updates to the program, said Amy Eakins of the Green Ontario Fund in a recent interview with DWM.

The rebates from the Green Ontario Fund (GreenON) offer $500 per rough opening up to $5,000 when homeowners upgrade to select high-performance windows. (If the cost is less than $500, there is no rebate. The project must be $500 or greater to qualify.) That means fenestration products with more than one glass unit, such as bay or bow windows, only qualify for one rebate. The rebate does not include doors, such as sliding glass patio doors. Rebates should arrive within eight to 12 weeks after the application is submitted, Eakins said.

The windows must be certified and labeled to conform to Energy Star Zone 3. They must also be rated Energy Star Most Efficient 2017 by Natural Resources Canada and have a U-factor at or below 1.4. Those are currently the only requirements for the windows, Eakins said.

And now there is no limit to the number of applications homeowners can submit, so long as they are not applying for the same products more than once, Eakins said. However, if homeowners have already replaced windows under the Enbridge or Union Gas programs, they can’t participate in the GreenON program for rebates on the same windows.

“It’s one program or the other for a single product,” Eakins said. “You can’t get a stacked rebate for the same product, so you can’t install a window and get a rebate for that same window. But if you applied to the gas programs and maybe changed out your furnace and did two windows, you can still do 10 windows in your house through our program. We just require the evidence that these are not the windows you already got a rebate for through another program.”

Eakins also said updated program rules and appendices will be issued soon to address concerns with the existing specification for sealants (Appendices 6 and 7). She said contractors are advised to use sealant products that are as closely aligned as possible with the specifications in Appendices 6 and 7.

“You can include any pertinent information for your selection of sealant(s) in the Installation Description field on the application form,” she said. “Eligible window installations prior to the issuance of updated program rules and appendices will not be rejected based on the sealants used.”

Eakins also said there is no program end date.

For more information on the GreenON rebate program, visit the program’s website.

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