In the latest edition of the Lesko Talks Windows podcast here at DWM, host Jim Lesko chats with author and communications expert Tim David.

David got his start as a professional magician performing more than 300 shows per year. After spending hours practicing in front of the mirror, he developed the ability to take another person’s perspective and create true human connection. His vision is to share the science and secrets of verbal and non-verbal communication with the managers who need to connect better with their employees, the salespeople who need to connect better with their prospects, and the parents who need to connect better with their children. He has become known as an entertaining speaker and he presents over 100 programs each year all over North America

Tim is also the author of “Magic Words: The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words that Motivate, Engage, and Influence.” His new book, “TRUE INFLUENCE,” explores research and real life for the secrets of how to become more influential. He’s appeared in hundreds of media outlets including Harvard Business Review, HuffPost, Psychology Today, Inc. Magazine, The New York Times and the Today show.

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Listen to the podcast below.

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