I have been called a “nerd” and a “tech head” over the years because of my love for technology. I certainly would call myself an early adopter of technology. Using this as a backdrop, I think it is time to pull back a little bit. It is finally time to make myself a little less accessible.

As some of you read this, you may be shaking your head in agreement. I see people walking around with their heads down texting but not taking in anything around them.

I ask myself, “how did we get by without this technology? How could we function and be productive?” This answer is simple. We somehow managed to find where we were going without a GPS. We managed to return phone calls when people left us messages. With all the technology that is supposed to make us communicate better, it’s my opinion that we in fact, communicate worse. The art of having a conversation with someone is being lost to technology. Listening to customers, empathizing with them, and solving problems together is being replaced by algorithms analyzing voice inflection and tone.

Am I becoming one of those “old guys” reminiscing about the “good old days”?  I am not so sure that I am. As I grow into my new position, and I watch everyone become more productive with technology, I am observing that we replace hard conversations with an email or text.

Technology is here to stay, and it is going to become more integral in our lives. And don’t get me wrong, I love Siri and Alexa. I am not sure how the heck I would turn my lights on and off if I didn’t have them!

But how about implementing no-email Fridays? The concept is pretty simple. Anything you would do in an email on Fridays, you would replace by making a phone call, making a personal visit, etc. Let’s get our communication skills back.

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