Last time, during our snow blower conversation, we began to understand the change in how people shop today vs. back in the day when I was in retail presenting door and window products to homeowners. Statistics tell us that homeowners do 60 percent or more of their research prior to reaching out to a salesperson.

This point was driven home to me earlier this week when I was reviewing our 2017 web traffic results. Year over year our traffic is growing at a robust rate, but the interesting piece is the mix of how that traffic gets to our website.

Roughly 62 percent of the traffic that came to our website last year was organic, while 28 percent was direct or referral.

What does that mean? Direct traffic, in general, is traffic that reached you as a result of typing the name of your company or your product directly into the address bar of their browser.

Similarly, referral traffic most often relates to folks finding you from a link on another site that directs them to yours.

Organic traffic typically comes from someone who does some non-specific (not a product or company name) search and finds something that relates to their search terms and they click through to your website. In other words, these are researchers looking for information on doors and windows (rather than snow blowers, like me).

From a manufacturers standpoint, the direct and referral traffic probably comes from a homeowner who has been exposed at some point to our product or company and knows our name. Often times folks in this category may have talked to one of our dealer partners already, have been told that that dealer carries our products, and are doing some follow-up research.

It’s reasonable to posit that a large percentage of those who get to us organically don’t know us to begin with. Otherwise, they would have taken a more “direct” route because it’s easier and quicker.

Think about it…the overall traffic is growing, and more than 60 percent are potential customers who don’t specifically “know” us already — twice as many as those that do.

Now, I know you want every bit of the traffic that knows your company by name and reputation, and, quite honestly, that’s almost a given. Do a search for your company in Google…if your site doesn’t come up first in non-paid listings, something’s wrong.

But the “holy grail” is that organic traffic…the question is how do you attract that type of desirable traffic?

By content marketing, of course!

When folks are researching, they have questions that need answering so they can move to the next step. The goal of a window and door lead-generating, content-marketing program is to provide the answers that they are looking for when they ask.

We concentrate on answering the questions that we believe potential window- and door-buying customers are asking as part of their research through our blog. We do this in an attempt to provide our dealer partner homeowner leads who are not just looking for a window or door, but OUR windows and doors.

If you think about it, what you’re reading today is content marketing from the standpoint that we’re trying to answer questions that home improvement dealers have right now.

“Joe, I don’t have time to write a blog, and, even if I did, what would I write about?”

We’ll talk about a couple of different ways to publish consistent consumer-research-based content and how to create an almost unending supply of topics to blog about during our next visit.

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