It’s winter time again! As we turn the page to the New Year, we have record-breaking cold weather. We also have a new weather term, “Winter Bomb Cyclone,” that describes a storm working its way up the East Coast this week. This system has had temperatures as far south as Florida plummeting, hurricane-force winds and blizzard-like conditions.

All of this winter weather makes it challenging to sell and install windows. Many homeowners believe that it is just not a great time to have windows installed. The experienced home-improvement companies out there understand that this is actually one of the best times of the year for homeowners to purchase new windows.

Any homeowner would have angst having windows installed and having “wide openings” in their house “inviting” Mother Nature inside, especially when it is this cold.  However, this is one of the most ideal times of the year to start saving on energy bills and being more comfortable in your home.

Installing windows is typically a one- or two-day job, so a home’s exposure to outside elements is minimal. Over the years, installers have also developed extra steps to protect the home from the outside and install windows in this type of weather.

For those “weary” homeowners who are convinced their energy bills will skyrocket by having their home exposed to cold temperatures during a winter window installation, dealers have offered to pay the home heating bill for the month of the install. This is a unique way of putting homeowners at ease with a winter window installation.

So if your company is like most on the East Coast this week getting the “Winter Bomb Cyclone” or if you are just experiencing your typical Midwest winter, homeowners should fear not. This is a perfect time to have energy-efficient replacement windows installed.

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