I bought a snowblower …

“Big whoop,” many of you are probably saying. The frigid weather and lots of snow that seems to be dominating the news recently has probably caused many of you to pull out your own  snowblower.

The thing you may not know is that I never even knew what a snowblower was until I moved up North. You see, I’ve spent most of my life south of North Carolina. Certainly not a hotbed for accumulating snow.

What does that have to do with generating higher-quality leads using content marketing, the topic we’ve been on for a while? Everything, as you’ll see in a minute.

Concentrating on enhancing your reputation in your local market is a necessary part of generating leads from homeowners in the market who are ready to purchase. Time was that finding a local dealer for a generic product (“windows” and “doors”) was where the homeowner started. They then used you or a member of your sales team to do their “research.”

As we’ve discussed many times before, today’s customer does it backwards, doing as much as 60 percent of their research BEFORE reaching out to a salesperson. This is especially true when they know little about the product itself, like snowblowers.

I’ve actually been in the area almost two years … took a while to get my family up here from the South. Then, it took some time to find the house we wanted. I have absolutely no doubt that during all that time I was exposed to lots of snowblower marketing. Problem for them is that I don’t remember any of it because I wasn’t in the market.

A few months back, when the family got here and we got serious about house hunting, I figured it was time to start doing my research.

Because I knew virtually nothing about snowblowers, do you think that I started by calling a local snowblower dealer and asking them to send a salesperson to teach me? Of course not.

  • I started by researching snowblowers on the Internet. I learned, for example, the difference between a snowblower and a snowthrower. (Google it.) I wanted to understand pros and cons, and potential issues, that I might run into.
  • Once I had determined which type was the best for my particular situation, I started researching brands. This is where I at least had some “educated guessing” that I could do. I figured since it was sort of the opposite of a lawn mower, I could start there from a brand standpoint. However, for me, I was committed to choosing the right product, not just a brand name that I knew.
  • Once I identified potential brands available, it was time to start narrowing it down. I looked for product reviews, competitive comparisons and asked a few locals. I did searches for things like “what are the best snowblowers” and “reviews of different snowblower brands.” I even joined a couple of local Facebook pages and submitted requests for reviews there.
  • It was at this point that I started researching price. “What should I pay for a snowblower?”
  • Finally, once I was convinced I had the information I needed, I started researching where I could get the brands that I wanted and what they cost at that particular store.

There you have it. … the key to generating higher-quality window and door leads using content marketing.

Still a little confused? Perfect … it’ time to get our hands a little dirty.

Happy New Year!

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