The AGC Flat Glass North America plant in Church Hill, Tenn., has been given three citations and a $6,800 penalty from the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA) following a workplace injury that occurred on October 9.

According to Chris Cannon, director of communications for the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, AGC signed a settlement agreement in which it agreed to correct each item in a timely manner, pay the penalty and agree not to contest the items.

“AGC Flat Glass has corrected each of the items cited,” he says. “TOSHA is awaiting payment of the amended penalty. Payment is required by January 6, 2018.”

WJHL, a local news station, reported that an employee went to the hospital after a crate overturned while being loaded onto an open-top tractor trailer. He had two cuts on his head, a broken wrist and ankle.

TOSHA cited the plant with three “serious” violations. The first is that slings were not clear of all obstacles.

“…two employees, located in the shipping area, failed to take care and ensure that slings (attached to an overhead bridge crane) were clear of all obstacles when repositioning the crane/slings to attach a nearby load,” reads the citation.

The second violation is that slings and fastenings were not inspected each day or during use, and were not removed from service when damaged or defective.

“…four employees, located in the shipping area, failed to properly inspect two wire rope slings before utilizing them to move material,” reads the citation notice.

The final violation is that the employer did not use wire-rope slings that have permanently affixed and legible identification markings as prescribed by the manufacturer, that indicate the recommended safe working load for the type(s) of hitch(es) used, the angle upon which it is based and the numbers of legs if more than one.

AGC Flat Glass North America had not responded to DWM’s request for comment at press time.

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