The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to Energy Star stakeholders last week letting us know that it is re-evaluating Energy Star procedures and guidelines in “… the interest of fostering greater transparency and involvement.” The call to action is for stakeholders to provide feedback to the contents of the letter by Dec. 21, 2017.

In summary, the letter outlines current and proposed standard operating procedures. The specific areas in which EPA is seeking stakeholder feedback include:

  • Comment periods. EPA is proposing that comment periods for framework documents and draft proposals will be at least four weeks. For interim decision memos and for final draft specifications, the comment periods will be at least two weeks.
  • Data transparency. One suggestion for improvement EPA is tasked with is to find ways of sharing this data and sources more consistently across all product categories and it is seeking comments on additional ways in which the agency might improve transparency.
  • Product sizes and capacities. EPA invites stakeholders to provide insights on additional resources that can help address potential practical considerations.

 The View from Here is that other aspects of EPA’s operations could learn from Energy Star and the way it interacts with stakeholders. I have seen tremendous improvements from the Energy Star windows, doors and skylights group when it comes to transparency and continuous improvement initiatives. Just the fact that EPA is taking this step to further explain procedures that currently exist while opening up opportunities for feedback to make improvements is a sign of their desire to work with our industry.

You can read the full letter here and provide comments by the Dec. 21 deadline by emailing

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