Guardian ClimaGuard® HiLightR coated glass provides more insulation with less glass.

Guardian Glass counters rigorous energy codes and ENERGY STAR® standards in the Northern U.S. and Canada with the Guardian ClimaGuard® HiLightR coated glass series.

Keep Glazing Configurations Consistent

If you’re using a traditional low-E on surface #3 of a double-pane IGU, how do you take advantage of a 4th surface coating benefit? ClimaGuard HiLightR coated glass is the answer. Combining two coatings on one pane of glass means you don’t have to sacrifice coating position, enabling a more consistent aesthetic on your fourth surface offerings.

Double Down Against the Cold with Dual Coating Innovation

By pairing two ClimaGuard Low-E coatings on a single pane of glass, Guardian intensifies the insulation of windows without changing the window design, providing more insulation with less glass. ClimaGuard HiLightR coated glass products can help a double-glazed window generate Energy Rating scores that outperform triple-glazed windows, with light transmission that rivals clear glass.

Better U-Value Than Similar Products

For example, if HiLightR 802 is the interior pane of a double-glazed window, rate of heat loss (measured as center-of-glass U-factor) is cut by 18 percent.* HiLightR 802 has a U-factor of 0.22, and visible light transmission is 79 percent, easily distancing itself from similar products.

“The Guardian ClimaGuard HiLightR coated glass series shows our commitment to investing deeply in energy efficient glass,” says Lisa Green, product manager, Guardian Glass. “Guardian’s Science & Technology Center and our international team of scientists ensure our customers have access to products at the forefront of glass innovation, and ahead of the curve as window efficiency standards rapidly change.”

Substantial Savings

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners can save up to $465 a year in energy costs by replacing single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR-qualified windows. In the case of ClimaGuard HiLightR coated glass, they can also enjoy bountiful natural light.

*As compared to the center of glass performance of the same surface #3 low-e coating, without the #4 surface mate.

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