Sika Corporation, Industry Division will raise prices on all of its products between 3 percent and 5 percent starting January 1, 2018.

Instead of a blanket percentage increase, Sika says it’s adjusted products based on the added material and production costs associated with each technology range to reduce the impact of the price increases.

According to the company, raw material costs continued to rise rapidly throughout 2017, largely due price increases for critical major items such as propylene, polyols and other petrochemicals, as well as energy and transportation charges.

Sika says its procurement team has been working with suppliers to manage cost and secure supply for its customers. Over the past year, Sika’s suppliers continue to communicate the need for increased pricing and in some cases, their inability to supply due to either significant interruption to their key materials and/or their own operation facilities.

The company says it will keep working to keep costs down in its supply chain through manufacturing efficiencies and other measures.

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