There was an article recently from Google saying that by 2021, 82 percent of the global Internet traffic will be video. In addition, 95 percent of “Generation Z” use YouTube. Think about how quickly things are evolving and how quickly they are evolving. Video and video streaming are going to be the major conduit of how we learn, how we research products and most importantly, how we purchase products.

People call me a lot of names, and “old school” must be one of the many. I would rather read an article online than click the video button and see someone read the article to me. I have evolved, though, because now I prefer reading online versus a physical newspaper. But with video being the “new normal,” I will need to evolve again.

Instead of doing a written blog, video blogs are now becoming the “thing.” In the “olden” days of the Internet, video content on a website used to be a negative. Now it is an absolute must. These are just a couple of dynamics that have evolved. To really harness the power of the “new internet,” you need to make your own YouTube Channel. You will need to push content through your YouTube channel to help your SEO.

Keyword searches, Google Adwords, all of the things that help your organic search engine optimization need to be ready for video. Getting to Page 1 on the search engines is already dramatically changing from where things are today to where things are going to go tomorrow.

What are you doing to stay current, to stay ahead of the game? This is an exciting time for us, and if we embrace the evolution of technology, we will be able to take our businesses to another level of success.

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  1. Spot on Tyson! The change is arriving at lightning speed. One of my favorite radio shows just started live streaming simultaneously on YouTube. When I am able, I prefer the live stream .

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