Roto Frank AG is reporting its second company acquisition this year as it ramps up what it’s calling a “completely new service concept.”

After acquiring Chinese hardware supplier Union Ltd. in June, the company will take over Wollenberg GmbH, based in Berlin, on November 1. The company, with just under 40 employees, offers services for improving doors and windows.

According to a statement from Roto AG officials, the purchase of Wollenberg is intended to significantly improve and expand Roto’s after-sales services, which have proven difficult to integrate into the existing group structure for door and window manufacturers. It also paves the way for resupplying elements that have already been installed with gaskets and hardware.

According to Dr. Eckhard Keill, chair of Roto Frank AG’s board, “resupply” refers to both the traditional spare parts and repair business as well as to upgrading elements at a later point. It’s already important in making doors and windows ready for the addition of “smart home” and automation features. According to the company, it will be important to develop and advance this strategy in collaboration with door and window manufacturers.

Roto Frank AG bought Wollenberg because of its extensive experience with retrofitting projects and many years of collaboration, said CFO Michael Stangier. Additionally, company founder Ulrich Wollenberg was the former Roto regional sales manager in east Germany. He will remain as the managing director, including after the transaction is completed, as part of a timely succession plan.

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