In an earlier blog, we noted the good work being done by World Vision in their effort to place donated building products into the hands of families in need through their Storehouse network. We currently find ourselves at a timely crossroad for this idea.

First, we are approaching year-end, so it is an excellent time to make tax deductible donations of this type. Second, the recent hurricanes and the earthquake in Mexico have left areas served by the World Vision Storehouses in need of donated doors, windows, drywall, flooring, roofing and other products to ensure the livability of the home environment. To that end, World Vision recently secured a warehouse in Houston to help families that are uninsured, under-insured or cannot qualify for FEMA loans.

World Vision has been the grateful recipient of donated doors and windows in the past. Often, these are oversized or custom windows that, for various reasons, were not utilized on an intended project. The organization finds ways to use these doors and windows, often resulting in a family in need receiving doors and windows of far higher quality than they had dreamed of receiving.

Today, given the press and volume of rebuilding that is currently needed, World Vision is seeking donations of more standard sized double-hung vinyl windows and prehung exterior residential doors. Recognizing that it often makes sense for companies to maintain larger inventories of more standard-sized products for the possibility of future sale rather than donating them, World Vision gratefully accepts donations of doors and windows with minor traffic marks or dents that might render them unsalable but would leave them suitable for its rebuilding efforts.

Door and window manufacturers and distributors that are able to help with this pressing need for doors and windows will garner the side benefit of an income tax deduction. The World Vision website is and donations may be coordinated through Mary Garcia, Corporate Relations Director, at

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