Although we are in the heart of busy season, it’s now planning time for 2018.  We all need to start analyzing the success of our marketing mix in 2017.

Here are several questions many dealers I visit are asking themselves:

  • What lead programs are working and what are not?
  • What new marketing programs are out there that I am willing to take a risk on?
  • Is my company right-sized – too big, too small, just right?
  • Do I have the right image in the market?

Let me touch on each of these questions briefly.


The lifeblood of any business is generating leads. The cost and quality of these leads are most important. Event marketing is huge today.  You may have an event that does not pull a lot of leads, but the price is right, and the quality of the lead is great. Having an open mind about which events to do and being creative in how you do them is key according to the dealers I see.

New Marketing

There is always a new lead program “mouse trap” being introduced. The bottom line is, are you willing to risk some marketing dollars on something new? The advantage to new programs is often the lead is not as competitive as the traditional methods. The disadvantage is the program may end up being too expensive.

Company Size

This is big question for a variety of reasons. Are the right people in place to handle the volume? If you have the right people, this often effects the amount of people you need to manage the business. The dealers I see on a regular basis are much more fast paced versus two to three years ago. Are the people in place able to handle fast paced environments? Are there enough people?  Are there too many?  Several dealers have turned to personality profiles (analytics) to make sure they have the right people in the right spots.


This is a question many dealers ask their customers. Dealers also ask themselves, “Where am I positioned in the marketplace?” High-end, low-end, longevity, local business? All of these things play an important role in company image and what you are trying to project in the marketplace.

To wrap up, pat your team and yourself on the back. I am guessing the year is turning out much better than projected. All signs are pointing for 2018 to be another great year. Shore up your 2018 plan and make it another record-breaking year!

Great Selling!

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