Andersen Corp. has expanded its annual Nature Preservation Day employee volunteer program to all manufacturing sites and company-owned retail locations.

During the last two weeks of September, more than 400 employees will participate in hands-on volunteering to help restore and protect the natural environment. Volunteers will tackle a variety of outdoor tasks, including invasive species removal, tree plantings, parks and trail cleanup, trail maintenance and rehabilitation.

“Protecting the environment and making a difference in the communities where we live and work are core to Andersen’s values and DNA,” said Jay Lund, chair and chief executive officer of Andersen Corp. “We’re pleased to partner with so many local government and non-profit organizations to produce long-lasting community benefits for all to enjoy.”

Andersen’s Nature Preservation Day program began at the company’s Bayport, Minn., headquarters in 2014 and expanded to five locations by 2016. The program helps educate employees about the impact they have on the environment, and helps to reinforce the importance of the company’s sustainability goals to reduce its enterprise waste, water and energy use by 20 percent by the year 2020.

“Nature Preservation Day provides volunteers with an opportunity to step outside of their daily routine and connect with nature in a meaningful way,” said Eliza Clark, director of sustainability and environmental with Andersen. “Combining environmental education and hands-on volunteering encourages each employee to have an enduring positive impact on the world around them.”

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