Pella Corp. is wrapping up a multi-year digital transformation initiative by launching a new data-driven production technique called process mining. The company will deploy process-mining solutions from Germany-based technology company Celonis.

On October 2, Pella’s CIO, Rick Hassman, and Celonis’ co-founder and CEO, Alex Rinke, will take the stage on October 2 at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco to introduce process mining and discuss how this technology can improve margins, business agility and customer service.

Pella recently underwent a major digital transformation to modernize all aspects of its business, from field service to sales, finance, supply chain, warehouse, manufacturing and distribution centers.

Hassman led the vision and execution of the project.

“To enable Pella’s growth strategy, we continue our longstanding journey with Oracle to transform our technology stack and business systems,” said Hassman. “The success of this ongoing digital transformation has allowed the business to identify ‘Integrated IT Systems’ as a strategic competitive advantage. We are now partnering with Celonis to mine the process data from these systems and drive productivity improvement and complexity reduction across the business. The analytics that Celonis creates with their process mining tools are extremely powerful and actionable. With this partnership, we are very excited to take our continuous improvement efforts at Pella to a new level.”

Process mining works by taking all event logs from an organization’s existing IT systems, analyzing them, and providing a real-time visual map of the way processes are occurring. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, process mining can show businesses where things are breaking down, prioritize issues that are having the biggest impact, and provide recommendations to fix them quickly.

For example, Celonis Process Mining can be used to analyze purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes, two areas where Pella will focus first. With process mining, organizations like Pella can track every step of these processes to see where, and how frequently, operations aren’t meeting goals. Businesses can instantly identify bottlenecks like late deliveries by suppliers, which can be corrected to streamline supply chain and manufacturing operations, or where internal processes for paying vendors are breaking down, which can be eliminated to reduce wasted time and money.

“Traditional analytics, even most forms of advanced analytics, require a hypothesis about where to look and what to look for – it’s like shining a spotlight,” said Rinke. “Process mining is different because it turns all the lights on and automatically provides visibility into an entire organization. As the recipient of Oracle’s CIO of the Year Award, Rick is clearly the authority on digital transformation and a leader in his field, so the investment that he and Pella have made in Celonis is a testament to the value that process mining will provide. We’re looking forward to sharing this revolutionary new technology with OpenWorld attendees.”

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