FeneTech recently unveiled its newest initiative FENml—fenestration manufacturing language.

FENml is designed for glass fabricators and window and door manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, software providers, and suppliers of consumables for the fenestration industry. FENml is a baseline communication standard that uses the concepts of IIoT and Industry 4.0, allowing machinery, software, and suppliers to “talk” the same language.

FeneTech’s Ron Crowl describes FENml as “… the ability to easily collect and analyze data so that proactive informed decisions throughout the value chain can be made is where we as an industry need to go. FENml is a building block in this pursuit.  At FeneTech we are looking for forward thinking industry partners to join us in the creation of this standard and to become early adopters of this exciting technology.”

What makes this possible? The Internet of Things (IoT) devices and protocols can enable systems to communicate.  Equipment can capture and relay data such as alarms, temperatures, power consumption, vibration, operating modes, cycle times and more. These data points can then be analyzed to provide information that influences future business decisions. Devices, using IoT, communicate to the user. These devices are generally simpler and cheaper because the heavy lifting is done by servers operating in the cloud.

For more information about FENml, visit the initiative’s website at http://fenml.com.

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