Wednesday’s GlassBuild America show in Atlanta featured bigger attendance as the remains of Hurricane Irma cleared the area, allowing for more attendees and exhibitors to make their way to the Georgia World Congress Center after numerous airline delays and cancellations.

Deceuninck’s Revolution XL lift and slide door was on display at GlassBuild in Atlanta this week.

In response to the travel troubles, the National Glass Association (NGA) extended the show’s hours to accommodate the late-arriving crowds.


One of the most interesting products at GlassBuild doesn’t fully exist yet.

FeneTech launched its FenML initiative at the show. FenML stands for “fenestration manufacturing language.” As automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) become more prevalent in door and window production, FeneTech saw the need to create a single baseline standard that will allow all machinery, software and suppliers to communicate with each other. The company envisions FenML as a publicly accessible open standard that will be developed in coordination with stakeholders in the door, window and glass industries.

Soft Tech Group is showing its new automation module and scheduling software at GlassBuild.

The Soft Tech Automation Module allows users to connect their company’s production line with Soft Tech’s design and estimation software. Users simply choose the extrusion automation needed and send the information along to the correct machine. According to Soft Tech, the software is easy and requires little training, allowing for long-term cost savings.

The Soft Tech Scheduling Software streamlines scheduling by automating employee shift and production scheduling. It looks allows users to schedule the right staff for the right job by looking at workers’ skills and efficiency.

Cutter Croix had some unique products for various segments of the industry. This includes Giddyup for CRM and estimating; a product for canvassing; Customer Connect, which allows contractors to give an app to the customer so they can check in all aspects of their remodeling job; and Show Floor, an app used at trade shows which makes follow up and tracking easy;  in fact, it was used by a few exhibitors at the show.

 Laminates and Beyond

American Renolit has extended the warranty on its EXOFOL FX by ten years.

American Renolit had some big news about its EXOFOL FX warranty—it’s now ten years longer.

“It’s the only acrylic-based exterior in the industry, and it has had the industry’s strongest ten-year warranty since its inception,” said David Harris, product manager. “It’s 20 years now, and that’s huge … The people who have come by are definitely impressed.”

He also pointed out that because of advancements in pigment technology, the company now has a true black exterior.

“Black is booming now,” he said. “We have sold hundreds of thousands of square meters of black.”

Additionally, the company expanded its interior range of colors by a few dozen. These come with a ten-year warranty, which Harris says is unique in the industry.

Veka’s booth featured a display for FeneXseal, a co-extruded sealing technology that aims to improve air, water and sound infiltration in any door or window product. The company also showcased its Black Onyx window profile that the company says has better UV reflectance compared to other dark colors.

Argon Filling Systems (AFS) had several products in its booth, including a new handheld gas fill analyzer that can provide an accurate reading of initial fill percentage to determine manufacturing accuracies for insulating glass units (IGUs).

H.B Fuller, which recently agreed to purchase Royal Adhesives & Sealants in a $1.57 billion deal, rolled out several new sealant products, including the SN2310T silicone sealant, the HL-5171 warm melt matrix and the HL-5202 backbedding sealant.

Aqua Sur Tech introduced GlassBuild attendees to its LH 1100 automatic coating machine for painting pre-cut lineals, welded PVC window frames and doors. It can handle products up to eight feet long.

Machinery maker Emmegi had several products in its big booth, including the Satellite XT five-axis CNC maching center, the Phantomatic T3 Star machining center with four controlled axes, and several saws.

Wood’s Powr-Grip Co. Inc. is showing its IntelliGrip system, a microprocessor that conducts safety checks of its lifters’ vacuum cups. The company plans to test new features to expand the IntelliGrip system’s applications among its products.

Wood’s Powr-Grip is also presented an integrated hoist control. The joystick allows users to safety control the tilt of lifters holding large panes of glass.

Rockwell Security displayed a line of contemporary door hardware for commercial and residential applications. The company says its multi-point locks for swing and sliding doors are compatible with standard mounting hole locations.

Ashland Hardware’s stainless steel hardware was popular with attendees.

“We think stainless steel makes sense,” said Vince Eslick, Ashland’s vice president of sales and marketing. “As the industry progresses and as materials are progressing, the last failure point on the window tends to be the hardware itself.”

After some travel troubles, ODL made it to the show on Wednesday afternoon to showcase its Blink blinds-between-glass lines. It rolled out a new product– a 7/8-inch IGU for single- and double-hung windows that’ll hit the market in December.

Intigral, another blinds-between-glass manufacturer, kicked off its Certified Fabricator program for its custom ScreenLine blinds-between-glass kits. Intigral supplies the custom product and fabricators can then place the blind between the glass.

The Quanex booth highlighted its products and solutions for doors and windows, including Q-Glaze sealants, which are available in a range of material options; Edgetherm insulating glass sealants, including the Edgetherm 3000 hot-melt butyl sealant and Edgetherm 3400 desiccant matrix for rigid spacers; and High-Heat Glazing Bead, a PVC clad bead with aluminum that’s stabilized to prevent shrinking and deformation in high-heat environments.

Energi brought several examples of its Hybrid product line to GlassBuild, including the Orchestra Hybrid lift and slide patio door;  the multi-functional Marquise Hybrid tilt and turn product line fabricated in different combinations;  and the 4600 Hybrid Series, which has aluminum extrusion on the exterior but is also available in a version with aluminum extrusion on the exterior and interior.

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