The busy season is now upon us. September through October is almost like the Christmas season in the door and window industry.

If you are a window component or fenestration equipment supplier and have been in the business a while, then you already know that this is the worst time of the year to get an ear when it comes to visiting with your prospect list of fabricators. Everyone is in production mode – busy cranking out orders as fast as possible while still making sure that quality is as close to perfect as possible. This time of the year, orders cannot be late, yet remakes play an extra degree of havoc with the daily production schedule, and no one likes to disappoint customers.

 Yet right in the heart of the busy season is when our industry plans the biggest trade show of the year – the GlassBuild America Show. So how does this make sense?

Well, a trip to GlassBuild is like when the captain and chief mate of the ship decide that, even though the ship is sailing fine and full steam ahead, it is time to come up to the bridge and review the course. So this is why they leave their businesses at the busiest time of the year to travel to Atlanta and take two to three days away from the engine room to make sure that they’re heading in the right direction.

Indeed, getting to Atlanta is especially challenging this year given the passage of Irma through the area on the evening before the show begins, but many are still determined to get here despite the possible travel challenges this storm presents. That’s because this show represents a chance to see the “state of the union” as it relates to the fenestration industry.

What’s new in window design? What new materials and window components are available? What’s new in machinery and how can it help me build windows faster, at a lower cost and with improved quality? What new marketing programs are available from suppliers that could possibly help me differentiate my product offerings from the competition? What’s new in window production software that can help me to integrate my ordering process in the field directly with the plant floor?These are all questions that become the driving force behind the need to get up and go to Atlanta right smack in the middle of the busy season!

These are all questions that become the driving force behind the need to get up and go to Atlanta right smack in the middle of the busy season.

So travel safely, my fenestration friends. Hopefully by the time you read this, Irma will be out of town and you will be pulling into town. Enjoy the opportunity to get away from the mother ship, to survey the horizon, study the stars, and to decide the best course of action needed to steer your ship exactly where you want it to go

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