We have been extremely fortunate that it has been over a decade since the United States was hit by a major hurricane.  Hurricane Harvey was a stark reminder that we are still at Mother Nature’s mercy. As I write this, Hurricane Irma has just turned into a Category 5 hurricane and although it’s exact path is not yet defined, it will affect the United States coastline somewhere. In addition, Hurricane Jose has just formed behind Irma.

We all have lent a helping hand to everyone tragically affected by Hurricane Harvey. Unfortunately, its effects will be felt for a very long time. I am proud of the building products industry for stepping up and assisting with monetary donations, product donations, and on the ground volunteers. We are the biggest smallest industry in the country. We all know one of our fellow brothers and/or sisters that has been affected by this hurricane.

When it matters most, the building products industry is always here to help. Our industry continues to be the back bone of our economy and whether we are experiencing good or bad economic times, we always lend support when and where needed.

Unfortunately, the hurricane season is still very active and our industry will be called upon yet again as Hurricane Irma comes ashore. We all need to be mindful of the effects that these hurricanes can cause. Whether it is a Category 1 or a Category 5, these hurricanes are powerful, dangerous and destructive.  Those of us not in the path, need to be there to help.

We are hoping that the rest of the hurricane season is uneventful. But regardless, this is a reminder that we always need to expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised.

We are all praying that those in the path of these hurricanes come out unscathed.

Tyson Schwartz is the president of Soft-Lite Windows.

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