Wakefield Equipment has donated $5,000 to the Greater Houston Community Foundation’s relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

“This storm is just devastating to so many, and our hearts are with all of those affected,” said Owen Cleary, general manager of Wakefield Equipment. “We have a number of customers and partners throughout the Houston region that we’ve known for years. The donation is our way of showing them that we are here to help as they begin the process of rebuilding their lives and businesses.”

The Greater Houston Community Foundation Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds will go directly to supporting the needs of the community, including shelter and temporary housing needs, food and supplies, healthcare, transportation, child careand social service agencies, among other purposes.

“We chose to donate to the Greater Houston Community Foundation because they have a track record of getting the funds to those in need,” said Cleary. To date, the fund has received over $29 million in donations.

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