With all the negativity and polarity in the news lately, I must say that I have been tuning out. Besides, there is too much to do in the door and window industry.

I have customers calling me for new equipment, customers calling me for used equipment, customers needing advice on improving productivity because they can’t keep up with orders, and customers calling who want to invest in automation as they see their business expanding right before their eyes.

Yes, I don’t see much negativity on the streets right now. The vast majority of my customers are very upbeat and excited about their business opportunities these days. Everywhere I go, it seems tougher to find a parking space, and help-wanted signage is abundant. The majority of my customers are on track to grow sales this year, many in the double digits. Also, despite all of the worry about lack of funding for Energy Star, most of my customers are selling more of their higher-end and more energy-efficient products. This also boosts sales growth since the average selling price is higher.

Unlike a year ago this time, when we were heading into the election, very few seem to be worried about politics. Many think it’s a big joke, mainly because of all the talk about fake news. “There is no such thing as news anymore,” commented one customer. “It’s all propaganda coming at us from several different angles!”

So, who do you believe? I asked him. In response, he raised his Year to Date Sales Report, which was just handed to him from the accounting department. It showed a chart comparing this year’s sales vs. last year’s sales on a month-to-month basis. He proudly held up the chart for me to see, which showed a very nice upward slant.

“This is all the news I need,” he proclaimed.

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