Guardian Glass offers ClimaGuard 53/23 coated glass, a triple silver, low-E product for residential windows, featuring a very low solar heat gain coefficient for southern climates.

Block the heat but keep the view with ClimaGuard 53/23

Guardian ClimaGuard 53/23 coated glass delivers what many homeowners in the south want: glass that provides solar control to help reduce glare and help reduce cooling costs when it’s hot outside.

You can’t see them, but there are three powerful layers of silver within the glass coating. These three layers of silver help the window block more of the sun’s heat on hot summer days and reduce glare, all while maintaining a generous level of light transmission for the homeowner.

Comfortable in the summer heat – and cool winters, too

Solar heat gain can be significantly reduced without sacrificing clear views and daylight with ClimaGuard 53/23 coated glass, which blocks 77 percent of the sun’s heat. The result is lower air conditioning costs and a more comfortable living environment.

It’s not always hot in the south. When it is cooler, the window’s U-factor becomes important. Compared to tinted glass, which can also be used for solar control, ClimaGuard 53/23 provides additional thermal insulation by lowering the glass U-factor. This provides a more efficient barrier between comfort inside and the weather conditions outside.

Guardian ClimaGuard 53/23 coated glass meets ENERGY STAR zone criteria across the United States

Allowing 53 percent of the sun’s brilliant light to shine through, and offering an attractive, crisp appearance with a soft blue reflection inside and out, ClimaGuard 53/23 coated glass is a solution that helps meet ENERGY STAR certification for homeowners in the south who want to enjoy the beauty and comfort of natural light without excess solar heat gain.


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