Keystone Certifications Inc. is letting licensees of Keystone’s structural and impact certification programs to indefinitely extend the certification of products.

This program modification becomes effective immediately and allows fenestration licensees to extend existing certifications for recurrent three-year terms following the initial four-year certification term as long as the product design, assembly and components have not changed from what was presented in the test report referenced for certification.

“As most fenestration testing laboratories have removed expiration dates from test reports, there is no longer a justification to exclude recognition of test reports that remain representative of products that are being manufactured,” said Keystone president Jon Hill.

“This has the opportunity to reduce testing costs for fenestration manufacturers and vinyl lineal suppliers that have had to repetitively test products that have not changed in design, assembly and componentry since their inception,” said Tracy Rogers, Keystone’s vice president of sales and marketing.

As part of this change, Keystone has eliminated a requirement that certification must be initiated within a given period of time following the issuance of a test report.

To accommodate this program modification, Keystone will require additional metrics to licensees’ Quality Management and Inspection requirements. Among these is a requirement for manufacturers to define frame and sub-assembly dimensional tolerances, then verify and document that production units comply with these design specifications.

“Keystone Certifications continues to respond to our customer needs and to simplify the demands for product certification within the fenestration market,” said Rogers.

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