Here are some door- and window-related news items you might have missed:

Local Glass Company Steps Up to Help 77-Year-Old Burglary Victim: Rob Cline with AAA Glass and Window stepped up to replace the windows Friday afternoon. “I just happened to be watching the news and his story, and watching him just sort of hit me,” Rob Cline explained. “The one time I got to watch the news, it was just meant to be. It sort of hit me like a ton of bricks and I just really wanted to come and help.”

The Rise Of The Prefabricated Building: Developers, general contractors and subcontractors swap stories that sound too good to be true about prefabricated construction: a student housing project that cut its delivery time by a third or a hospital that installed hundreds of bathrooms in three days with only five laborers. Though the practice of off-site construction dates back thousands of years, the last real estate cycle has pushed prefabricated construction to prominence.

My Time: Thompson Creek Window Company Donates to Annapolis Maritime Museum’s New Education Center: On June 1, the Annapolis Maritime Museum announced the significant donation and installation of new windows from Thompson Creek Window Company to outfit the museum’s Education Center at the AMM’s second campus located at Back Creek Nature Park.


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