The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) is hard at work this week in Montreal for its summer conference. Closed meetings started Monday, and open sessions began Tuesday morning

John Kent of AMS gives IGMA members an update on safety glazing standards and certification programs at the association’s summer conference in Montreal.

with Certification Committee discussion.

IGMA’s Certification Committee continues to work on a four-document quality management system standard, which it expects to complete by the end of 2017.

The first part, the “Quality Manual,” has been published. Dave Cooper of Guardian said the 40-page document is the basis for the program.

The “Quality Procedures” document is being finalized, and IGMA anticipates it will be published in September. The other two documents being completed are the “Quality Work Instructions” and the “Quality Forms.”

While no action was taken at the meetings on the work instructions document, several committee members suggested focusing the document around a template. Cooper said this would be further worked out within the task group, and members agreed on the template direction.

When all of the quality manual documents are complete and published, users will have the option of buying all four in a bundle or each one separately, depending on their requirements.

Adhesion and Other Items

A task group in the Certification Committee has developed a test procedure for sealant-to-spacer adhesion, which is being finalized. IGMA executive director Margaret Webb said the sealant adhesion to spacer document has passed multiple committee levels and publication is expected by the end of October, ideally prior to IGMA’s next IG Fabricator Workshop.

John Kent of AMS discussed a new Certification Information Portal (CIP). CPI is a cloud-based program in which testing reports, audit reports, compliance information and other documentation are filed. The username- and password-protected resource is available for fabricators to access this information anytime they want.

Near the end of the morning gathering, Webb said IGMA is looking for volunteers to work on its sealant dimensions survey. She said the technical bulletin is popular among the industry but it was last updated in 2015, and it needs to be revised to include new technologies that have since emerged.

Stay tuned to DWM for continued coverage of the IGMA Summer Conference, which continues through Wednesday.

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