Everyone is talking about how challenging it is to find good labor for both factory work and installation work. I keep hearing, “No one wants these jobs anymore. These jobs are not enticing to people any longer.” I do not have my head in the sand, and I appreciate that there are labor challenges out there.

We need to understand that things are not going to get better with labor. They are going to get even more challenging. As a result, we will need to get more creative in how we approach the labor market.

I do believe we need to go to the schools and explain you can make a good wage especially with window installers. We have a misconception in our society that going to college is the only path or best path for young adults. However, high school graduates that are good with their hands could have a very lucrative future if they get into window installation. By the time their friends are out of college and paying back their student loans, these folks could have their own thriving businesses and making well into the six figures – without the student loan debt!

Experienced factory leadership and personnel positions are also something that is worth pursuing if college is not for you. I know many plant managers that have worked their way up from working in a factory to running the factory. I know some presidents of companies that have also done the same.

Wages and bonuses are also increasing for factory workers as finding good and reliable workers is more and more challenging. It is most definitely a supply-and-demand issue. These labor shortages could stall our industry’s growth in the near future.

I do understand that kids do not grow up wanting to be window installers or work in a factory. These jobs are also not what anyone would call “sexy” jobs, either. But if we do not think out of the box, we are going to face a labor shortage. Younger adults have an opportunity to take advantage of this.

I do believe our industry needs to do a better job reaching out to high schools and tech schools explaining the advantages of these types of careers. We also need to show that there is upward mobility and monetary advantages. There is no “perfect” career path for any individual. It is an exciting journey with lots of twists and turns. It is up to the individual to find what path works for them.

Great selling!

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  1. Great blog Tyson. 100 percent agree!

  2. I agree with this concept. Thank you for your insight. I hope that the schools read this and think about it.

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