BM Windows, an independent replacement door and window company in San Diego, Calif., has added a new tool to its website to help potential customers — a Location Finder with more than 1,500 addresses of past replacement door and window customers. The addresses are in a database that can be accessed by potential customers who want to see examples of actual completed projects in person.

To use the tool, website visitors type in their address, or any address in the San Diego area, choose a search radius, and hit the Search button. The Location Finder will give the user a list of addresses and a map pinpointing the locations of homes in the area that have had their doors and windows replaced by BM Windows and have agreed to be featured in the database. Then, if the user chooses, he or she can drive by any or all of these locations and see finished projects.

“When we first created the Location Finder for our website, it only had a few addresses on it, but now, with more than 1,500 addresses, it is highly likely that any potential customer looking for homes near them with replacement windows installed by our BM Windows team will be able to find several nearby examples,” said Michal Bohm, owner of BM Windows. “We are grateful to our past customers who have allowed us to publish their addresses on our website to help others find a replacement window company that will give them a great result. We know that not everyone out there wants to rely only on referrals and what they can read on a company’s website when choosing a company to work with—they want to see with their own eyes the type of work a company does. The Location Finder tool is for those people, and also for those who want to do a little extra research before they invite a sales representative into their home.”


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