Advisar, a new door buying service from Masonite that’s designed for professional residential contractors, is now available in Central Florida.

Advisar is an online platform that features select offerings of pre-finished and pre-hung door systems, complete with decorative glass and hardware, delivered to the job site when the contractor needs it in as little as five business days.

“Currently, it’s challenging to shop for, select, purchase and install a door in a time frame that make sense, and this is a pain point felt by contractors and homeowners alike,” says Todd Apple, vice president and business leader, Advisar. “The model we’re introducing with Advisar will make it easier for professionals to walk through door selection and purchase with their clients, so both will feel more confident with the process and end result. In fact, the current process leads to too many homeowners getting frustrated and never going through with the project. Our goal with Advisar is to create new demand for door replacement.”
He added that “door buying is a big decision that pros and homeowners know they have to live with, so it is important to get it right the first time.”

The process enables contractors to configure, quote, order and track their purchases any time using the website at Contractors simply go online and “build” the exterior or interior door that fits their customer’s needs and style. The door will be built exactly as specified and inspected for quality before being wrapped and shipped to the job site.

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