Shapes Unlimited, a distributor of custom aluminum extrusions for the vinyl window industry that now serves multiple markets, is implementing several new capital investments and could open a location in the southeastern U.S. The company is headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio.

In the fabrication area, new specialized tooling was purchased and automated punch press equipment was installed, allowing finished parts to be produced in a single operation rather than multiple labor-intensive setups as previously required.

Other capital investments include Shapes Unlimited’s recent implementation of NetSuite, an enterprise software system that monitors inventory in real-time and automates the customer workflow process by tracking an order from the time of placement all the way through delivery. The fully integrated cloud-based software also includes a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module to manage customer information and communication with the goal of improving business relationships and customer retention while driving sales growth. The system is designed to expand as the company grows, and can even be accessed remotely using a mobile device with an internet connection.

Shapes Unlimited also invested in new staff to handle sales increases. In addition to hiring an inside sales manager, Shapes brought on customer service managers for both the company’s fencing and window extrusion programs.

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