LEI Home Enhancements and Kathy Ireland Worldwide will launch a new collection of doors, windows, siding,  gutters and more products for residential spaces, which will serve the remodeling and new-construction markets. LEI Home Enhancements by Kathy Ireland Designs is the market strategy for the partnership.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Kathy and her incredible team,” said Robert Keller, owner and CEO of LEI Home Enhancements.”The design and marketing genius of Kathy and her team are second to none.  Kathy Ireland is one of the most successful leaders in the branding and home industries. Since 1993, Kathy Ireland Worldwide is responsible for billions of dollars in retail sales. This collaboration will help our company to attain its expansion goals and further help make LEI Home Enhancements by kathy ireland Designs, a very exciting, trusted and valuable household brand with current customers and in newly expanded markets.”

LEI Home Enhancements, based in West Chester, Ohio, currently serves 15 cities across the U.S. with plans of reaching 42 cities by 2019 and 200 by 2022.

Kathy Ireland Worldwide was founded in 1993 by Ireland, a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who has created a global brand for clothing, jewelry, home furnishings and many other products.

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