A bill that would require window manufacturers to include replacement and labor costs in product warranties has passed the Connecticut State Senate and is making its way through the state’s House of Representatives, and it’s facing opposition from the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA).

The legislation would also require manufacturers to settle claims and make payments within 30 days of receipt of a warranty claim. According to WDMA, the vague language of the bill could open the door for warranty coverage of improper installation or use of a product.

The bill would also apply to roofing and siding.

WDMA says the new law isn’t needed because consumers are already covered by product warranties that protect them from legitimate product defects or failures, and many of those warranties will cover replacement costs. In addition, manufacturers provide specific instructions for the installation of products, along with maintenance and other important documents.

The association says that making all warranties cover all labor costs for product defects is unreasonable because products can fail for many reasons, such as improper installation, misuse or modification after it’s installed, or improper maintenance.

As in other industries, a window manufacturer should not be held responsible for every single instance of a product’s failure, WDMA says, and forcing manufacturers to pay for all labor costs to replace a window that’s been improperly installed or maintained is unfair and unreasonable.

WDMA is urging window companies that could be affected by this bill to reach out to their representatives via this form.

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